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                        Welcome to Surrey Police , how can I assist you ? As you can see below my employer ordered me to go and get

                        some more materials as they have been using  sooooo much over recent years. We just love using this stuff !!



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                    As was expected by most people the PCC’s are a total waste of taxpayers money and simply more “jobs for the boys”

                        which is kind of highlighted by Surrey PCC’s appointment of an old colleague of his as Deputy. Ask a PCC “what is

                        a member of the public” and I doubt that they would know.

                        Carrying on the Police tradition of wasting taxpayers money .


                        Click this link to read Officers charged ,convicted, investigated (or in rare cases cleared) of criminal

                        Offences ranging from rape to robbery


                    Better order some more whitewash soon. See below link: 








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